We are proud to offer an assortment of microgreens and shoots.  Microgreens are a powerhouse of nutrients and flavor, ranging from mild, nutty flavors to spicy.  Many greens are great in or on salads, soups, stir fries, as a garnish, or a fresh and crunchy snack!
All of our seeds are non-GMO and grown in organic soil using sustainable farming practices.  How can you get them?  Click Here


At only $7.00 this is also a great gift idea!

Includes seeds, soil, spray mister, reusable/compostable container, and instructions.  Seed and soil pod refills available soon.

Lost your instructions?  Micro Grow Kit Instructions


The Details
 Pay up front for a month (or more), of microgreens grown here at the farm using non-GMO,
untreated seeds and sustainable farming practices.
 Receive a weekly delivery or pick up of fresh microgreens!
 Support our farm to grow what nourishes you! The CSA model allows us to have capital up
front to pay for materials and infrastructure, and you get your greens at a discounted price with
the treat of trying new and different varieties when they’re available.

Share Options
Full share: $60/month – Weekly delivery or pick up of 1 lb of a variety of greens. Potential greens
include pea shoots, sunflower shoots, mild microgreen mix, micro arugula, and others. Weekly value ~
Half share: $35/month – Weekly delivery or pick up of ½ lb of a variety of greens including the same
variety of greens. Weekly value ~ $10.

Get Started
Not sure this is for you? Request a sample of greens first!


We provide local delivery of wholesale Microgreens to restaurants and grocers in the area.

Please Contact Us for custom orders, availability, and additional details.