It is our goal to provide you with fresh, nutrient dense food that nourishes you and your family, while bringing us together as a community.


Our chickens spend 3 seasons out on the pasture tilling up soil and eating bugs.  They spend the winter with the ducks in what we like to call Poultry Paradise!  It’s an area where we put in a small duck pond and built an aviary for a protected outside area for the winter.




We take pre-orders for chicken, duck, and turkey.  We feed them organic feed from Green Mountain Feeds and they spend their time here out on the pasture.




We are proud to offer an assortment of microgreens and shoots.  Microgreens are a powerhouse of nutrients and flavor, ranging from mild, nutty flavors to spicy.  Many greens are great in or on salads, soups, stir fries, as a garnish, or just a fresh and crunchy snack!
All of our seeds are non-GMO and grown in organic soil using sustainable farming practices.
We will be growing some staples weekly, including those listed below, but hope to offer others for fun or by special order.
  • Sunflower shoots ∼ crunchy, nutty
  • Pea shoots ∼ cruncy, fresh, sweet
  • Arugula ∼ spicy
  • Mild Salad Mix ∼ fresh flavors
  • Purple Sango Radish ∼ spicy
  • Popcorn ∼ sweet, crunchy


We also have a Chicken Plucker and Processing equipment rentals.