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These nasturtiums were grown and cared for by our own MPA student, AN. The name for his business (Nose Twisting Nasturtiums) and the following information is a result of a lesson on marketing and selling plants.


Nasturtiums are easy to care for!  They prefer very small amounts of nutrients in order to produce more flowers. They prefer full sun, but can adapt to shadier areas.  Water regularly to keep them blooming. Dead heading (trimming dead flowers or leaves) helps promote more blossoms. Does best in sandy soils but any well drained soil will do.

They have a trailing growth habit and will be in shades of orange, yellow and red. They are great companion plants and help deter garden pests when planted around the garden.

Fun facts: 

  • Native to the jungles of Peru
  • Other common names include Indian Cress, Mexican Cress, and Peru Cress
  • Flowers have a peppery taste.
  • The seeds and the leaves are also edible!
  • The seeds can be used as an alternative to capers
  • Seeds were used as a substitute for pepper during WWII
  • Nasturtium means “nose twister” because of people’s reaction to tasting the flower